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Planning a wedding?

Your "first day of forever" should be stress-free!

Learn from some of the best wedding professionals in the industry, and discover the secrets to planning the perfect wedding .... from engagement to honeymoon!

Whether it's finding a reception hall you can afford, matching the perfect photographer for you based on your style and needs, or hiring DJ entertainment that'll keep your guests dancing all night long, Your Dream Wedding will guide you through the questions you should ask any hired professional.... before you sign on the dotted line!

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Are You Single?

Great relationships are cultivated from each partner’s ability to first love oneself. A strong foundation of knowing your self-worth will plant the seeds for an ever-growing partnership that will last a lifetime.

Discover the secrets to becoming “dating-ready”, based on Dave and Kristi’s own experiences, as well as advice from singles who have blossomed into eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, ready for something meaningful and everlasting with someone special!

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In A Relationship?

Dating is hard. Staying connected throughout your relationship is even more difficult. What are the “new” dating rules, and how do you keep “going steady” from “going south”?

Learn how truly unbreakable couples stay connected, and ensure the building blocks necessary to remove doubt and stagnation in their commitment to each other.  Whether you’ve just found each other, or have been dating for a while, we have breakthrough advice you simply can’t ignore!

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Happily Married?

The pinnacle of every great relationship culminates in the lifelong commitment of wedded bliss. Yet 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Why is it that something so special can’t be maintained by half of all couples?

Discover how you can keep your marriage strong, vibrant, and exciting, the reasons why marriages dissolve, and how partners become distant, with tips and techniques the most solid spouses use to feel loved and desired.…every single day!

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Discover why Your Everlasting Love has become the "modern day blueprint of love" for happy couples worldwide, and meet the visionaries behind the project....

Dave Bernstein - Relationship Architect

Dave has spent 32 years in broadcasting and marketing, with a passion for spreading positivity and changing lives. He is a speaker, entertainer, writer, and editor, with two amazingly creative daughters.

A former TV chef and self-admitted foodie, Dave believes everything in life can be solved with either food, song, or a kiss, and that little moments of joy turn into even bigger memories.

A firm advocate in developing relationships that are meaningful and abundant, Dave insists that you don't truly know what you want in a partnership, until you've experienced what you DON'T want. He has taken his knowledge, passion, and wisdom, and has finally made the secret to a lasting connection available to others.

Your Love Blueprint™ - Relationship Mastery Series

This 30-video course is the highly anticipated, step-by-step blueprint that has changed lives, helped REAL couples form committed, healthy, and vibrant partnerships, and made marriages exciting and virtually bulletproof.

Whether your goal is to simply be the best "you" that you can be, or to have a connection like no other with the man or woman of your dreams, this breakthrough course will transform the way you look at love and relationships.

It's time to make 2020 your BEST YEAR EVER!

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Online Dating Master Class

Discover the secrets to truly powerful connections, with the private, behind-the-scenes video series that will show YOU how to harness the power of online dating effectively, to find your match and cultivate a relationship that will last forever!

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Click here for your FREE "7 Secrets report, for those in a RELATIONSHIP

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