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It all started with a joke about back acne...

...but blossomed into a successful business!

If the above headline sucked you in, there's a reason for that

First of all, the headline is absolutely true - when people asked me about my voiceover work, I described to them what it was like, and I usually use a silly example. Here's the story...

While talking to a colleague at an internet marketing seminar in 2010, we were both amazed at how successful voiceovers had become in our industry.

Having already done voiceovers for the better part of the last decade, I was always looking for ways to augment my business. In this case, it happened by accident...

I told this colleague, whom I had just met, why voiceovers were so effective. I said, "People will often send me scripts, such as 'Discover the easy and effective way to get rid of back acne, with the breakthrough product finally available...without a prescription!' And I would read and record them, so they could harness the power of audio."

I mentioned that those were the type of voiceovers I would quite often read from pre-written scripts.

And then my colleague said, "Well, could you write me something like that?"  Just like that, a business idea was born. And I've now been writing those same powerful headlines and taglines I'd been previously just reading from scripts.

Enticing your customers with powerful copy is nothing new, and many of my awesome friends and colleagues in the industry write extensive copy for some of the top marketers around. Their projects often run into the thousands of dollars - partially because their copy sells, and also because of the time it takes to write. Writing is an art - no different than doing MC work or voiceovers.

Because of my experience in voiceovers, I have almost exclusively concentrated on shorter scripts - headlines, taglines, and copy that is usually under 500 words. These have also included bios, summaries, "about us" text, and mini sales-letters.

That allows anyone - on any budget - wishing to get the attention of their reader or listener, to get started NOW!

Here are a few examples of high-converting headlines and taglines for various industries - copy I've done that has doubled or tripled a business' conversion virtually overnight:


Headline and tagline for organic skin care:  (client increased their sales by 218% in only two days)


"Discover the all-natural way to beautiful skin, and virtually reverse the aging process, for a healthy glow you can truly see!"


“Beauty & Bare – The natural way, to beautify your day!” 


Headline and tagline for hair extensions:  (client had almost no business, then their phone wouldn't stop ringing!)

"Discover the stylish way to luxurious hair, and let our professionals design YOU a look that will keep you vibrant, glowing and young!" 

"When it comes to beautiful locks, we have the solution that rocks!"


Even something as mundane as HR management can receive a pop simply with a few choice words...

“Learn how successful companies are streamlining their HR services effectively, and how (company name) can help YOUR employees focus on productivity and profits!” 


“Better HR efficiency, for a more productive business!” 


As you can see, even successful businesses can add a jolt in sales and conversions with a few carefully-placed words. I have had many colleagues ask me, "How would you say this better?" Sometimes, it can be as simple as changing ONE word - other times, a more enticing sentence. The litmus test is, are people reading your emails? Are they staying on your webpage? (also known as 'stickiness'), and are those visitors converting to sales?

If not, perhaps it's your copy, and it could be one simply tweak away from success.

Let's fix it, and get you on the path to more profits!

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