Online Dating Master Class

Discover the secrets to Dave & Kristi's powerful connection, with their private, behind-the-scenes video series that will show YOU how to harness the power of online dating effectively, to find your match and cultivate a relationship that will last forever!

YES! I'm finally ready to succeed in online dating!

Discover How...

Dave & Kristi carefully fine-tuned their online profiles to eliminate 90% of the tire kickers, and attract the perfect match in each other....and how you can, too!

Learn How...

Dave & Kristi intentionally paced their online communication, precisely, to avoid overwhelm, and why YOU are probably screwing this up....right now!

The Reasons Why...

We picked a specific place to meet, the thought process that went into our next two dates, and what we learned about each other instantly, and why it's worked for us. It can work for YOU, too!

Online Dating Shouldn't Be Difficult!

Remove months...even YEARS...of dating frustration from your life

This easy-to-implement mini video series is perfect for anyone who is thinking of joining an online dating site! Or perhaps you're currently a member, and simply frustrated with players, clingy people, or matches who don't have the same honest intent as you. 

Let's face it - you're either going to waste time, money, or both without our assistance - don't let another day slip by without learning from those who have been there before, and are ready to help. We can't wait to hear about YOUR success below, to get started TODAY!

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