Your Love Blueprint™ - Relationship Mastery Series - 30 video course

Discover the visionaries behind Your Everlasting Love, and how this "modern day blueprint of love" has become the talk of the town for happy couples worldwide

It's time to make 2018 your best year ever!

Your Love Blueprint Module Descriptions

Are You Single?
1. Introduction - Dave and Kristi talk about past relationships,
and what led them to each other. Why they're experts, and
what you're going to learn in this course.

2. Self-love First - Dave and Kristi talk about self-love, and why
it's important to love yourself first, before entering into any

3. Removing Guilt and Doubt From Your Life - Dave & Kristi
discuss removing guilt and doubt from your life, and how to
forgive yourself and others, freeing yourself to love someone
else wholeheartedly.

4. The Search Begins - Dave & Kristi talk about where to find
eligible singles, without seeming desperate.

5. Online Dating intensive - Dave & Kristi talk about online
dating, and how to attract the love of your life in a modern, fastpaced, and blunt world.

6. First dates - Dave & Kristi talk about first dates. Where to go,
what to ask, what to discuss, and what to never share.

7. Balance & Space When Dating - Dave & Kristi talk about
how to cultivate the beginning of something amazing, without
chasing the other away.

8. The Ex-Factor - Dave & Kristi talk about how to prevent your
past from becoming part of your future, and creating problems
while dating.

9. Words & Feelings - Dave & Kristi talk about respecting each
other's feelings simultaneously, the power of words, body
language and actively listening.

10. The Decision To Commit – Dave & Kristi talk about when
you know you've found 'the one'

Are You In A Relationship?
1. You’re Official…What’s Next? - Dave & Kristi talk about
when to tell your friends, and when to announce your
relationship on social media.

2. Taking Others Into Consideration - Dave & Kristi talk about
when children are involved, how to manage your friendships,
and when to introduce your new partner to others.

3. Trusting Your Instincts - Dave & Kristi talk about
understanding the difference between coming closer each day,
vs. drifting further apart.

4. Cultivating A True Partnership - Dave & Kristi talk about
walking side-by-side in love, when to stand firm, and when to

5. Handling Arguments With Grace - Dave & Kristi talk about
not letting disagreements turn into full-fledged fights, and how
to handle them.

6. When Life Throws You A Curve - Dave & Kristi talk about
how to handle bad news with your partner, and give them the
support they need.

7. Celebrating Relationship Milestones - “Dave & Kristi talk
about mini-anniversaries, important events together, and
enjoying progress in the relationship.

8. Making Future Plans With Each Other - Dave & Kristi talk
about the power of anticipating life together, as individuals and
in harmony.

9. The Marriage Litmus Test - Dave & Kristi talk about sure-fire
signs this is going to be real forever (he/she is your first phone
call when you get good news, etc.)

10. When And How To Say “I Do” - Dave & Kristi talk about
do's and don'ts for proposals, wedding planning &

Are you married?
1. The First Day/Week/Month - Dave & Kristi talk about
"Enjoying And Celebrating Marriage" and how to make sure the
honeymoon never ends.

2. Communication - Dave & Kristi talk about keeping lines of
discussion open, having a sense of humor, and continuing
what has always made you great together.

3. Life Together - Dave & Kristi talk about planning date nights,
cooking together, exercise and new adventures.

4. Sex/Intimacy - Dave & Kristi talk about how to make sure
intimacy is exciting, fresh and spontaneous, just as it was
when you first started dating.

5. Cultivating Individual Interests - Dave and Kristi talk about
why it's OK to enjoy occasional alone time without your partner
- and why that's a good thing.

6. Having And Raising Children – Dave and Kristi talk about
planning for new children in advance, how to blend families,
and how to let your children be a part of planning your future.

7. The 9 Things Strong Couples Who Stay Together Have In
Common - Dave and Kristi talk about how to avoid the 7-year
itch, from prioritizing time together to outsourcing mundane

8. The 5 Love Languages - Dave and Kristi talk about Dr. Gary
Chapman's bestselling book - why it's critical to know your own
love language AND your spouse's. This one tool can
strengthen your marriage (or help get you back on track).

9. Avoiding Separation Or Divorce - Dave and Kristi talk about
why nothing is too tough for a bulletproof couple to handle.

10. Growing Old Together, With Grace & Excitement – Dave
and Kristi talk about celebrating milestones and anniversaries.